HRC Staff Listing

Executive Director

[+] Steven Hood, Interim VP for Student Affairs
Steven Hood

Phone: 205.348.9364
Fax: 205.348.7135

Dr. Steven Hood joined HRC in September 2011. He has previously served as Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of Housing and Residence Life at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and as Area Coordinator at Samford University.

Dr. Hood earned a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of West Alabama, a master's degree in public administration from Troy University and a doctorate in learning and leadership from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He is a native Alabamian and is glad to be home.

With more than 14 years' experience in student housing, Dr. Hood loves the variety of our department. He has the opportunity to work with students, be involved with construction/renovation projects, manage budgets, plan administrative projects - and all while working with a great group of colleagues.

Dr. Hood enjoys spending time with his family, exercising, and watching college football and basketball. He's planning on renewing his interest in saltwater aquariums any day now. Dr. Hood is active in SEAHO and ACUHO-I.

[+] Matthew Kerch, Interim Executive Director; Director of Housing Operations
Matt Kerch

Phone: 205.347.5562
Fax: 205.348.7135

Matt Kerch joined the HRC team in June 2012, after previously serving as Assistant Director of Residence Life at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. He has also worked as a Residence Coordinator at Dickinson College, and worked in Student Activities and Student Involvement at Wilson College.

Matt earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Shippensburg University, where he also played collegiate basketball. He earned a master's degree in Counseling and College Student Personnel from Shippensburg University. Matt is currently completing coursework for a doctorate in Higher Education Administration at UA.

Matt is excited to continue his work in student affairs and housing and residence life. He enjoys working on strategic planning and assessment efforts focused on student's experiences at college. Matt is focused on providing a student-centered environment where residents have ample opportunities to learn, develop and engage. He is dedicated to obtaining student input into new construction and renovation efforts, and encourages HRC to take a hands-on approach to help students learn about our facilities, programs and initiatives.

In his free time, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, exercising, being outdoors and watching sports. He also enjoys the great places to shop, relax and eat around Tuscaloosa. Matt has presented at multiple national and regional conferences, and is actively involved in both ACPA (Planning Team for 2015 Tampa Convention) and NASPA (Past-Chair for the NASPA-Campus Labs Assessment Consortium).

[+] Tina Moore, Administrative Specialist
Tina Moore

Phone: 205.348.9364
Fax: 205.348.7135

Tina joined the HRC staff as Office Associate II in November 2012. She has previously worked as an office manager for many years, along with being a real estate agent. She also worked alongside her husband in youth ministry for more than 17 years. Tina has an associate degree and will be pursuing a bachelor's degree here at the University.

Tina loves working with college students and helping them with their housing concerns, especially when things can get a little overwhelming for students away from home. She enjoys encouraging students and being a positive influence.

Outside of work, Tina spends her time with her family, hanging out, having fun - and of course, Alabama Football!! Tina has two children attending the University and her son is on the UA football team, so they are a football family!

[+] Michelle Koster, Office Associate II
Michelle Koster

Phone: 205.348.6676
Fax: 205.348.7135

[+] Michela Watson, Office Associate II
Michela Watson

Phone: 205.348.6676
Fax: 205.348.7135

Housing Administration

[+] Kimberly Sterritt, Associate Director of Housing Administration
Kimberly Sterritt

Phone: 205.348.5990
Fax: 205.348.7135

Kim joined HRC in October 2014 as Associate Director of Housing Administration. She has previously worked as Director of the Parents Program at Georgia Tech, and has held advising and admissions positions at Florida State University and The Ohio State University respectively. Kim received her bachelor's degree in communication from Ohio State and her master's degree in higher education from Florida State.

Kim is excited to greet and work with new members of the Crimson Tide family as they establish their new homes on campus. In her role in HRC, Kim will lead the administration team which manages housing assignments, IT, marketing and off-campus resources, as well as serving as the department's point of contact with campus partners and media.

In her free time, Kim spends time with her husband and two small boys and watches college football whenever possible. She loves trying new restaurants and traveling to visit friends, family and new places. Kim is a member of NASPA.

[+] Julie Elmore, Assistant Director for Off-Campus and Greek Housing
Julie Elmore

Phone: 205.348.9647
Fax: 205.348.7135

Julie joined the University staff in July 1991 and has been with HRC for more than twelve years. She received a bachelor's degree in interior furnishing from Auburn University and a master's degree in higher education administration from The University of Alabama.

As Assistant Director for Off-Campus and Greek Housing, Julie serves as a resource and liaison for students transitioning to off-campus living, as well as supervising at least 10 Greek house managers.

Julie is committed to educating students who are transitioning to off-campus housing and assisting all students in locating housing options. Her favorite part is working with students and our off-campus properties in helping students find housing.

While not at work, Julie enjoys cake decorating, crochet, gardening and spending time with her husband and son.

[+] Cathy Morris, Assistant Director for Information Technology and Assignments
Cathy Morris

Phone: 205.348.4451
Fax: 205.348.7135

Cathy has a bachelor's degree in Management Information Science from The University of Alabama, and a master's degree in Library and Information Studies.  She provides technological support and web programming for HRC.

[+] Judy Carter, Assignments Coordinator
Judy Carter

Phone: 205.348.8101
Fax: 205.348.7135

Judy joined the HRC staff in January 1986. Previously she worked at Harco Drug Inc., and Alabama Federal Bank. Judy earned a bachelor's degree in education from The University of Alabama.

A Tuscaloosa native, Judy loves working with students and their parents. She enjoys discussing the positives about UA and Housing and how students can be happy here on campus, no matter where they live.

Judy enjoys gardening, reading, spending time with friends and attending Alabama sporting events, especially football. She is involved with the Tuscaloosa County Chapter of the National Alumni Association and the National Alumni Association. She is also the current House Corporation President of Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority.

[+] Tonya Nail, Assignments Coordinator
Tonya Nail

Phone: 205.348.8084
Fax: 205.348.7135

Tonya has been a part of HRC since January 1984. A Tuscaloosa native, she has a degree in nursing from Shelton State Community College.

Tonya's main responsibility is to help students make decisions on where they live while here at the University. She loves the opportunity to interact with students and parents on a daily basis and make a difference in someone's life.

Outside of work, Tonya enjoys spending time with her children and granddaughter and visiting the Alabama Gulf Coast.

[+] Janine Gascoigne, Marketing Coordinator
Janine Gascoigne

Phone: 205.348.1077
Fax: 205.348.7135

Janine Gascoigne joined HRC as Marketing Coordinator in January 2011. A graduate of Boston University with a bachelor's degree in advertising, Janine's prior experience includes Red Square Agency, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and American Red Cross. She received her master's degree in higher education administration from The University of Alabama.

Janine works with HRC staff to ensure consistent communication and coordinates the department's marketing efforts.

When not at work, Janine spends time with her family, sings and pretends her guitar-playing is actually improving.

[+] Christopher Hines, IT Technician II
Chris Hines

Phone: 205.348.5483
Fax: 205.348.7135

Chris joined HRC as IT Technician II in July 2013 after working in OIT and Office Depot previously.

Chris is very excited about the opportunity to do field work and meet new people as he meets HRC's technology needs.

When not at work, Chris likes to do lots of activities that involve computers, even building them!

[+] Whitney Sewell, Coordinator for Off-Campus Housing
Whitnet Sewell

Phone: 205.348.8096
Fax: 205.348.7135

Whitney joined the HRC team in July 2011. She has also worked as a teacher in the Tuscaloosa County Schools. Whitney earned her bachelor's degree in elementary education from The University of Alabama.

Whitney provides administrative support to the executive director of HRC. She is committed to providing a safe and successful environment for students living on campus.

Her hobbies include tennis, church and mission trips to other countries, and spending time with friends and family.

Housing Finance

[+] Cathy Bolling, Assistant Director for Housing Finance
Cathy Bolling

Phone: 205.348.8095

Cathy joined the HRC team in September 2010. She previously served as President and CEO at a local credit union. Cathy earned a bachelor's degree in accounting from The University of Alabama and a master's degree from The University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is also a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Alabama.

Cathy enjoys working with colleagues and other departments collaboratively.

Cathy loves Alabama football, traveling, reading on the beach and playing board games with her family.

[+] Marc Knight, Accounting Specialist
Marc Knight

Phone: 205.348.7981

Marc joined the HRC professional staff in January 2012, after previously serving as an Office Manager in Housing and Residential Communities. He received his bachelor's degree in finance from The University of Alabama.

As a former student of the University, Marc is well versed in housing and student affairs. He enjoys working with other department staff to ensure HRC can provide the best service to students.

Marc spends his spare time attending Alabama athletic events, camping and trying new recipes.

[+] Aimee McKnight, Billing Coordinator
Aimee McKnight

Phone: 205.348.8098
Fax: 205.348.7135

Bio coming soon!

[+] Dee Cook, Accounting Assistant
Dee Cook

Phone: 205.348.7699

Dee joined HRC in November 2008 after 18 years as a personal accountant. She has a bachelor's degree in accounting and general management from The University of Alabama.

Dee loves helping others understand financial paperwork and playing with numbers.

Away from work, she enjoys reading, playing the piano, and making cakes.

Housing Operations

[+] Dave Brewer, Assistant Director of Housing Operations; Interim Director of Housing Operations
Dave Brewer

Phone: 205.348.6811
Fax: 205.348.7135

Dave joined HRC in June 2006, after previously working at California State University at Northridge. He earned a bachelor's degree in interpersonal and public communication from Central Michigan University and a master's degree in college student affairs and leadership from Grand Valley State University.

Dave especially loves helping students grow as people and providing professional, welcoming service to our campus' many summer conference guests.

A native of Michigan, Dave enjoys cooking, reading, outdoor activities and playing guitar.

[+] Regina Stapleton, Office Associate Senior
Regina Stapleton

Phone: 205.348.6188
Fax: 205.348.7135

Regina joined HRC in July 1999. She has an associate degree in office adminstration from Shelton State Community College and a bachelor's degree in criminal justice with a business minor from The University of Alabama.

Regina's favorite part of her position is helping residents and parents.

In her spare time, Regina enjoys reading, cooking and crocheting.

[+] Andrew Hester, Assessment Coordinator
Andrew Hester

Phone: 205.348.2115

Andrew joined the HRC professional staff as Community Director in January 2012, after serving as a Graduate Assistant. He also worked in Capstone International Center at The University of Alabama as a Graduate Assistant. He completed a master's degree in economics and a bachelor's degree in finance here at the University.

His favorite part of the job is seeing students develop personally and professionally firsthand in the residence halls.

Andrew enjoys anything involving the outdoors, playing guitar and following economic trends.

[+] Alison Wade, Logistics Coordinator
Alison Wade

Phone: 205.348.1760
Fax: 205.348.7135

Bio coming soon!

Residential Communities

[+] Laura Sanders, Director of Residential Communities
Laura Sanders

Phone: 205.348.4708
Fax: 205.348.7135

Laura joined the HRC team in June 2008 after previously serving at Huntingdon College and Johnson & Wales University in Miami, Florida. Laura earned a bachelor's degree from Huntingdon College and a master's from Auburn University.

Laura works very closely with Residential Communities to help students learn and develop through their residential experience at UA. Laura enjoys working in student affairs because she can challenge students to reach their full potential.

A native of Enterprise, Alabama, Laura is pursuing a doctoral degree in higher education. While this doesn't leave much free time, she volunteers with the Humane Society of West Alabama.

[+] Hawken Brackett, Assistant Director of Residential Communities
Hawken Brackett

Phone: 205.348.2994
Fax: 205.348.7135

Hawken joined the HRC team in August 2013 after previous experience at Clemson University and Mississippi State University. His previous higher education experiences include: career and professional development, living-learning communities, service-learning, leadership development, first year experience, study abroad, student conduct and high-achieving student programs. Hawken earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Mississippi State University and a master's degree in counseling from Clemson University.

Within Housing and Residential Communities, Hawken's responsibilities fall in the areas of student engagement, professional development and staff recruitment, selection and training. His passion for supporting others during their educational journey, and the recognition that each student possesses unique value within their community, guides Hawken in his work. He strives to empower students to experience college in meaningful ways and to take purposeful ownership of the impact they have on the world.

In his free time Hawken enjoys reading, gardening, hiking, travelling and discussing social issues. He also enjoys watching college and professional football. He's a third-generation Green Bay Packers fan and is also a Packers shareholder. He enjoys spending time with his friends and family whenever possible. Hawken enjoys being an active member of NASPA. Within NASPA he is a member of the Region III Advisory Board and is the current IT/Communications Coordinator, and is a past Representative of the Men & Masculinities Knowledge Community.

[+] Jeremy Henderson, Assistant Director of Residential Communities
Jeremy Henderson

Phone: 205.348.6071

Jeremy joined HRC in July 2004 after serving as Coordinator in Volunteer Services at The University of Alabama since January 2002. He earned a bachelor's degree in communication studies and master's degrees in communication studies and in counseling from The University of Alabama.

Jeremy's favorite part of his position is the opportunity to build relationships with students to help them develop and maximize their experience.

While pursuing an Ed.S. degree, Jeremy enjoys basketball, running and strategy board games.

[+] Katelyn Graham, Area Coordinator

Phone: 205.348.1776

Katelyn joined the HRC team in July 2012 as an assistant community director. Prior to coming to UA, she worked at the University of Mobile as an enrollment counselor for Admissions and Financial Aid. Katelyn received her bachelor's degree in communication from the University of Mobile in May 2010, and her master's degree in higher education administration from The University of Alabama in May 2014.

Katelyn's favorite part about working in HRC is the opportunity to collaborate with campus partners to create a dynamic campus experience for students within the residence halls. As a result, she loves working with and investing in students at the Capstone as they develop into engaged members of the UA family.

Outside of work, Katelyn enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, reading, and she is currently training for a half-marathon.

Katelyn supervises the Ridgecrest, Blount and Friedman communities.

[+] Kyle Mitchell, Area Coordinator

Phone: 205.348.7437

Kyle joined HRC as Area Coordinator in June 2014. He previously served as Residence Director at Mississippi State University and Residence Life Coordinator at University of Southern Indiana. Kyle received a master's degree in counselor education in student affairs from Mississippi State University and a bachelor's degree in sport administration from University of Southern Indiana.

Kyle is most excited about working at such a large institution that has so much history, tradition and pride. He is interested in assisting at-risk students, supporting academic success for students, and exploring legal issues in student affairs.

Outside of work, Kyle enjoys horseback riding, tailgating and playing cards, especially spades. He is involved in Southeastern Association of Housing Officers and Southern Association of College Student Affairs. Kyle is a faculty adviser for Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity and is involved as a volunteer with Shelton State Community College Adult Education working with GED Classes and Adult Literacy. He attends First Baptist Church.

Kyle supervises the communities of Lakeside, Riverside, Paty and Somerville.

[+] Gretchen Moore, Area Coordinator
Gretchen Moore

Phone: 205.348.5877

Gretchen joined the HRC team as Community Director in June 2012. She previously served as Graduate Residence Director at Mississippi State University for two years. Gretchen earned her bachelor's degree in communication studies with a minor in family studies and non-profit administration from Western Kentucky University and her master's degree in Counselor Education with an emphasis in Student Affairs from Mississippi State University.

Gretchen is looking forward to fostering relationships with students and working with new students.

Gretchen enjoys reading a good book, working out, Zumba and shopping. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society.

Gretchen supervises the communities of Tutwiler, Harris, Parham, and Burke.

[+] Jamie Wallmeyer, Area Coordinator
Jamie Wallmeyer

Phone: 205.348.6322

Jamie joined the HRC team full time as Area Coordinator in October 2013. He previously served as a Community Director and Summer Orientation Manager with HRC. Jamie earned his bachelor's degree in political science at The University of Alabama and will complete his master's degree in communication studies in May.
Jamie is looking forward to the chance to interact with University students, student staff, and professional staff. He is excited to work in such a diverse and vital organization on campus.
Jamie enjoys reading, exploring Tuscaloosa, biking and hiking at local outdoor spots, playing intramural football, kickball, dodgeball, and bowling.
Jamie supervises the communities of Bryant, Bryce Lawn, Highlands, and Presidential Village.

[+] Maureen Flint, Coordinator of Training and Professional Development

Phone: 205.348.9260

Maureen joined the HRC team full time as the Coordinator of Training and Professional Development in June 2014 after serving for two years as a graduate community director with the department. Maureen earned a bachelor of fine arts in fashion design with a minor in art history from Pratt Institute and her master's degree in higher education administration from The University of Alabama.

Maureen will focus on the development of annual and ongoing trainings and professional development opportunities for undergraduate and graduate staff. She is especially excited to collaborate with students and campus partners to develop trainings that contribute to an intentional and meaningful experience with HRC.

In her free time, Maureen enjoys reading, sewing vintage dresses and quilts, and trying out new recipes.

[+] Jimmy Hubbard, Coordinator of Student Conduct
Jimmy Hubbard

Phone: 205.348.6264
Fax: 205.348.7135

Jimmy joined HRC as Community Director in August 2007. He previously served as Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Career Development and Resident Director at Bethel University in McKenzie, Tennessee, and Hall Director at The University of Tennessee at Martin. Jimmy received a bachelor's degree in church music from Lambuth University and a master's degree in child learning and development from Bethel University.

Jimmy's focus areas are staff development and student development. He enjoys seeing students develop, change and grow as they progress through the collegiate experience.

Jimmy enjoys singing, shopping at estate sales, traveling, gardening and watching the Food Network.

[+] Phillips Thomas, Coordinator of Student Engagement
Phillips Thomas

Phone: 205.348.0306
Fax: 205.348.7135

Phillips joined the HRC team in June 2013, after serving as Coordinator of Student Affairs Programs in First Year Experience and Parent Programs. She earned both her bachelor's degree and law degree at The University of Alabama.

Phillips will focus on student engagement, as well as serve as a liaison to campus partners and student organizations. She is excited about the opportunity to meet students where they are and be a resource for them as they find ways to make the most of their time at UA.

Phillips enjoys reading, spending time in the kitchen, watching movies, traveling, and riding her horse Hopscotch. She also loves to find opportunities to cheer on the Tide.

[+] Mary Thornton, Coordinator of Student Staff Selection and Training
Mary Thorton

Phone: 205.348.7175
Fax: 205.348.7135

Mary joined the HRC professional team in April 2007, after serving as Graduate Assistant. She received a bachelor's degree in history from The University of Alabama.

Mary enjoys working with international students and multicultural issues in student affairs.

In her spare time, Mary loves singing.

[+] Pam Smelser, Office Associate Senior
Pam Smelser

Phone: 205.348.6969
Fax: 205.348.7135

Pam joined HRC in fall 2007 after spending six years in the Art Department at The University of Alabama.

Pam loves the atmosphere and staff in HRC. She is a huge Alabama fan, and all of her children have or will attend UA.

[+] Angie Fuqua, Office Associate II

Phone: 205.348.8367

[+] Bonita McCollins, Office Associate II
Bonita McCollins

Phone: 205.348.5993
Fax: 205.348.7135

Bio coming soon!

[+] Brittany Perkins, Office Associate II
Brittany Perkins

Phone: 205.348.5870
Fax: 205.348.7135

Bio coming soon!

[+] Jill Phillippo, Office Associate II
Jill Phillippo

Phone: 205.348.6286

[+] Cathy Walters-Hewett, Office Associate II
Cathy Walters-Hewett

Phone: 205.348.3207
Fax: 205.348.7135

Community Directors

[+] Kaylyn Tuggle, Blount
Kaylyn Tuggle

Phone: 205.347.7713

[+] Jared Pacileo, Bryant
Jared Pacileo

Phone: 205.348.7680

[+] Christina Rowen, Bryce Lawn and Highlands
Christina Rowen

Phone: 205.348.2573

[+] Miracle Qi, Burke East
Miracle Qi

Phone: 205.348.6719

[+] Demitrius Barksdale, Burke West
Demitrius Barksdale

Phone: 205.348.6719

[+] James Quillen, Friedman
James Quillen

Phone: 205.348.6130

[+] Butch Hallmark, Harris
Butch Hallmark

Phone: 205.348.5598

[+] Kelton Morgan, Lakeside East
Kelton Morgan

Phone: 205.348.7436

[+] Kelsey Taylor, Lakeside West
Kelsey Taylor

Phone: 205.348.4938

[+] Christina Wichlin, Parham
Christina Wichlin

Phone: 205.348.6148

[+] Blake McDonald, Paty
Blake McDonald

Phone: 205.348.0209

[+] Quenesha Ward, Presidential I
Quenesha Ward

Phone: 205.348.5576

[+] Tracey Paul, Presidential I
Tracey Paul

Phone: 205.348.6208

[+] Michael Calhoun, Presidential II
Michael Calhoun

Phone: 205.348.9294

[+] Stephanie O'Donnell, Presidential II
Stephanie O'Donnell

Phone: 205.348.9295

[+] Nicola Stolworthy, Ridgecrest East
Nicola Stolworthy

Phone: 205.347.5561

[+] Mattie Bonds, Ridgecrest South
Mattie Bonds

Phone: 205.348.8335

[+] DJ Jackson, Ridgecrest South
DJ Jackson

Phone: 205.348.8335

[+] Phillip Sullivan, Ridgecrest West
Phillip Sullivan

Phone: 205.348.6370

[+] Elizabeth McDonald, Riverside East
Elizabeth McDonald

Phone: 205.347.2677

[+] Christina Kogat, Riverside North
Christina Kogat

Phone: 205.348.5565

[+] Andrew Heston, Riverside West
Andrew Heston

Phone: 205.348.9227

[+] Shemeka Phipps, Somerville
Shemeka Phipps

Phone: 205.348.2861

[+] Bria Harper, Tutwiler
Bria Harper

Phone: 205.348.7817

[+] Gabrielle Hucal, Tutwiler
Gabrielle Hucal

Phone: 205.348.6137

[+] Allison Messier, Tutwiler
Allison Messier

Phone: 205.348.4936