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Housing Application Process - Incoming Freshmen


Fall 2015 - Once you have been admitted to UA and paid the Freshman Enrollment Deposit, you should apply for housing (beginning October 1, 2014 at noon CDT). Access to online room selection is based primarily on housing application date, so the earlier you apply for housing, the more room choices you will have! Students who apply for housing between October 1, 2014 and February 1, 2015, will be able to select their own room online during room selection in the spring. Students who apply for housing between February 2 and April 1, 2015, may be able to select their own spaces or may be assigned by HRC staff. HRC will determine the method that will result in the fastest assignment for students, as we determine demand for housing. Freshmen with a medical need that affects their housing should submit their request, along with medical documentation from a physician, by March 1, 2015. HRC may not be able to accommodate requests made after that date.

A student with a later housing application date may be pulled into an assignment by a confirmed roommate choice who has an earlier application date and is eligible for online room selection. 

Please note, if your Freshman Enrollment Deposit is waived by Undergraduate Admissions, you will only be charged the $25.00 housing application fee; your $275.00 prepayment will be waived. This will happen automatically; you do not have to contact HRC to request a waiver, if your FED has been waived.

Housing Contract

After you complete the housing application, you will need to agree to, or electronically "sign," the housing contract. To do this, you will read the contract and then enter your campus-wide identification number (CWID).  This signifies that you agree to the terms of the contract.

Housing Deposit

After agreeing to the housing contract, the final step you must complete in order to submit your housing application is to pay the $300.00 deposit ($25.00 application fee and $275.00 prepayment.) If you do not attend UA, you may cancel your housing application with Housing and Residential Communities prior to May 1, 2015, and you will receive a full refund of your $275.00 prepayment. If you cancel between May 2 and June 1, you will receive a refund of $175.00. To submit a cancellation, please fill out the online form.

The housing application is a muli-step process. Your application is not complete until you submit the deposit and you are not eligible for housing until you have submitted the contract and deposit and you click on "Save & Continue" on the deposit receipt page.

Room Selection

Incoming freshmen who apply for housing for fall between October 1 and February 1 will be able to select their residence hall room online, beginning in spring 2015. A student's initial date to select a room is determined by his/her housing application date. The complete room selection schedule, as well as further information about the room selection process, will be posted on the HRC web site, and e-mailed to students (using their Crimson e-mail address), in early spring.  Students with later housing application dates, who are confirmed roommate choices of students with earlier dates, can be pulled into rooms during the online room selection process by their confirmed roommates, as long as space permits. Students who do not select a room online will receive an assignment made by HRC assignments staff.

Athletes assigned to housing by their coaches, as well as students in select living-learning communities (the German House, the Mallet Assembly, and Small Groups housing) will be assigned to housing by HRC assignments staff

Transfer Students and Current UA Undergraduate Students

Due to the tremendous demand, we do not expect to be able to accept new applications for on-campus housing from transfer students or UA students not currently living in on-campus housing for Fall 2015. To assist you in your search for off-campus housing, please visit the off-campus section of our website at If you wish to leave your contact information in the event that housing becomes available you may do so by filling out the online contact information form here. (NOTE: It could be June or July before we will know if any housing will be available)

Spring Only 2015 - The application for Spring 2015 is available beginning on November 1, 2014 at noon Central Standard Time. Incoming freshmen do not have to pay the Freshman Enrollment Deposit for the spring term, so that step is not required to access the spring housing application.  All students enrolled in classes for the spring term are eligible to apply for housing for the spring only term.

Summer 2015 - The application for Summer 2015 will be available in February 2015.  To complete the spring application, you must submit your contract and the $100.00 deposit. The summer application is a separate application, and freshmen and returning students who apply for summer must also submit an application for the fall semester if attending UA for the fall. 

Online Living-Learning Community Application

If you are applying for the Blount Living-Learning Community, please apply using the Blount program application.

If you are applying for the Honors College Community, please apply to the Honors College. Students who wish to live in Honors Housing must apply to, and be admitted by, the Honors College, in order to select a space in Honors Housing during room selection.

If you are applying to the Parker-Adams Arts & Sciences Freshman Living-Learning Community, please complete the form located at Room assignments in Harris Hall will be made by HRC staff before freshman room selection begins in the spring.

If you would like to view more information about other living-learning community residence halls, you can do this by going to the living-learning community descriptions page.

Available Living-Learning Communities:

  • Parker-Adams Arts & Sciences Freshman Living-Learning Community
  • Blount Undergraduate Initiative
  • Capstone Human and Environmental Sciences Community
  • Capstone Nursing Community
  • Commerce And Business
  • Honors College
  • Engineering
  • German House
  • The Mallet Assembly
  • The Rotary House
  • Military Dependents