Living Off Campus

A recent survey of UA students indicates that off-campus students have the following expenses:

Monthly BillIndividualOne Roommate
Rent$450.00 - $550.00$450.00 - $550.00
Water$21.00 - $40.00$21.00 - $40.00
Gas$21.00 - $40.00$21.00 - $40.00
Electric$61.00 - $80.00$81.00 - $100.00
Cable$41.00 - $50.00$41.00 - $50.00
Internet$21.00 - $30.00$31.00 - $40.00
TOTAL:$615.00 - $790.00$645.00 - $820.00

Once you find a place to live there are things you need to consider as a resident of an off-campus community. Below are some tips to consider!   

City Ordinances... There are several City Ordinances you need to be familiar with if you plan to live off-campus.  Check these out!

Be a Good Neighbor...Getting to know your neighbors is an important first step to being a good neighbor!

Living With a Roommate...Choosing wisely when selecting a roommate may save you headaches later on!

Moving In/Moving Out...Moving in to a new place can be exciting and moving out without knowing what is expected of you could cause some problems later on.  Check out these tips for what you need to know when moving in and out!

Neighborhood Partnership...The Neighborhood Partnership Committee of The University of Alabama is a group of students, community leaders, city officials, University police officers, city police, ABC Board and University administration with a common goal of improving the relationship between students, law enforcement and off-campus neighbors. The group is committed to improving communication between neighbors, students and law enforcement as well as taking many proactive measures for the neighborhoods.