Resident Rights & Responsibilities

The Alabama Advantage

Housing and Residential Communities (HRC) at the University of Alabama wants each of our residents to take an active role in building community within our campus atmosphere. One of the first responsibilities you will have is to get along with your roommates or suitemates, and other residents of your community. A community can be defined as a group of people who live in a particular location and share a common set of values, goals and rules. At the University of Alabama, there are many different kinds of community. For campus housing, those groups can be defined by where you live such as by suite, floor, residence hall, or even community (such as Riverside or Tutwiler communities). Students can also identify themselves by their activities, such as being a member of a Greek Organization, Student group, or Club Sport (another community you may identify yourself with may have to do with race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or veteran status). All of these are part of our overall campus community, which is in turn part of the larger community of Tuscaloosa.

HRC wants whatever communities you engage in to be positive influences in your overall Alabama collegiate experience. To ensure that, we have established a number of "resident rights" that you are given as a member of the campus housing community, and that you can expect to be observed. We have also established a set of "resident responsibilities" that we expect you to uphold as a member of our community.

Resident Rights

  • As a member of the campus housing community, you have the expectation to:
  • - Read, study, and sleep without interference, unreasonable noise or other distractions.
  • - Have personal privacy within your room.
  • - Live in a clean environment.
  • - Have guests with the understanding that guests honor the rights of others.
  • - Be free from intimidation, physical, and emotional harm.
  • - Expect that your personal belongings and property will be respected.

Resident Responsibilities

  • As a member of the campus community, you have the responsibility to:
  • - Respect other residents' expectations as listed above.
  • - Abide by federal, state, and local laws.
  • - Adhere to University rules and regulations (code of student conduct, etc.)
  • - Adhere to the Community Living Standards established by HRC.
  • - Understand and agree to comply with all information and policies provided on the HRC website http// and other University websites and publications.
  • - Assume responsibility for the actions of your guests.
  • - Comply with reasonable requests of HRC staff.
  • - Report Housing and Residential Communities and University policy violations to appropriate staff.

Within the Division of Student Affairs, Housing and Residential Communities:

  • - Creates safe, comfortable, and well-maintained residential facilities.
  • - Supports the education and personal development of civic-minded leaders.
  • - Develops within students the ability to make healthy choices.