Room Design Contest

Room Design Contest 2014 has ended. For photos of winning rooms, check out our Facebook page!
Contest open for submissions: Monday, Aug. 25 - Friday, September 12 at 5pm CST
Judging: Monday, September 15- Friday, September 19
Prizes awarded: the week of Sept. 22, 2014
By entering the contest, students agree to the terms and conditions below:

  1. All photos are in compliance with Community Living Standards, found here:
  2. Entering the contest grants Housing and Residential Communities at The University of Alabama a perpetual, royalty-free license to use, alter, modify, distribute and brand all media gathered for their purposes at their discretion.
  3. Only registered undergraduate students who are also on-campus residents are eligible to enter.
  4. Only one entry per bedroom (single and double rooms count as one bedroom and one entry). You must have all roommates (sharing the same bedroom only) agree to participate in the contest, suitemates need not participate. To enter into the suite category as well, all suitemates must agree to participate and be listed above.
  5. Your submission must include 3 - 5 photos of your room.
  6. All entries will be reviewed and a selection of them will be chosen for the final judging. Rooms to be judged will be contacted via email to set up a proper time to see the room during the week of September 15.
  7. A panel of judges will choose winner based on creativity, use of color, school spirit, theme, and overall design.
  8. In order to be judged, at least one roommate must be available in the room during judging. If you are not available during any of the available judging times, you may submit additional photos, and HRC will judge your space from your photo submissions.
  9. Housing staff, including Assistant Community Directors, Resident Advisors and ARC executives are NOT eligible; ARC council members ARE eligible.
  10. Winners will be reported to The University of Alabama for tax purposes.
  11. HRC reserves the right to not award a prize in a specific building if there are less than four submissions from that building.
  12. Prizes will be awarded for the following: Best Double, Best Suite, and Best of Building (may be a single in a suite) for Blount, Bryant, Bryce Lawn, Burke, Friedman, Harris, The Highlands, Lakeside, Parham, Paty, Presidential I & II, Ridgecrest East & West, Ridgecrest South, Riverside, Somerville and Tutwiler.

How to enter:
Copy and paste the following (with your responses) into an email and send to with photos attached to the email.

Category: Best __________________ (Double or Suite; or write single if you are only entering your single room for Best of Building)

Residence Hall: ________________________ Room #: _______ 

Name #1: __________________________________ 
Contact Email: _____________________________ 

Name #2: __________________________________ 
Contact Email: _____________________________ 

Name #3: __________________________________ 
Contact Email: _____________________________ 

Name #4: __________________________________ 
Contact Email: _____________________________

Based on where you live, please let us know your and/or your roommates' availability for judging:

Tutwiler, Harris, Parham, and Burke:
Tuesday         12 - 2 pm or 3 - 5 pm
Wednesday    12 - 2 pm or 3 - 5 pm
Thursday        12 - 2 pm or 3 - 5 pm
Lakeside, Riverside, Paty and Somerville:
Tuesday         12 - 2 pm or 3 - 5 pm
Wednesday    12 - 2 pm or 3 - 5 pm
Friday            12 - 2 pm or 3 - 5 pm
Presidential I & II, Bryce Lawn, Highlands, and Bryant
Monday         12 - 2 pm or 3 - 5 pm
Thursday      12 - 2 pm or 3 - 5 pm
Friday           12 - 2 pm or 3 - 5 pm
Ridgecrest, Blount and Friedman:
Monday          12 - 2 pm or 3 - 5 pm
Thursday        12 - 2 pm or 3 - 5 pm