Housing Applications for Students Participating in Study Abroad, Internships, or Co-ops

Housing and Residential Communities attempts to accommodate requests for campus housing from students who leave the University to participate in a University-sponsored or required study abroad, internship, or co-op experience. Students must meet all HRC housing deadlines in order to be eligible for on-campus housing. HRC cannot guarantee that space will be available in a particular room, suite, or residence hall, but will accept and try to accommodate requests, as space permits.

Students Leaving Campus Housing for Spring Semester

On-campus housing residents who will leave for study abroad, internship, or co-op for spring semester must request cancellation of their housing contract for spring. Students who wish to return to campus housing the following year can complete the online application for housing and pay the deposit and submit the contract online. However, room assignments will be made by the HRC staff, as students not currently living on campus cannot participate in online room selection. In order to have access to the online application, students must let HRC staff know if they plan to recontract.

The deadline to recontract for housing is February 1. Students who do not apply for housing by that date, or do not submit the contract and deposit if/when directed to do so, will not be eligible for housing. We anticipate that there will be greater demand for housing than available space, so students who submit the initial housing application between January 2 (8:00 a.m. CST) and February 1 are not guaranteed housing. Priority for housing for returning students starts with students with housing scholarships, then rising sophomores, then rising juniors, then rising seniors. Students can improve their chances within their own classification by submitting the application as early as possible, beginning January 2.

Students Leaving Campus Housing for an Entire Year

Students who take part in a study abroad, internship, or co-op experience that lasts an entire academic year are required to contact Housing and Residential Communities for assistance with their housing application. Students must contact HRC and submit their application before housing application deadline.